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Our history

Lundmark Safety rests on a history of solutions that make everyday life easier. Founder Staffan Lundmark’s upbringing and work in the family’s agriculture has shaped his interest in and knowledge of construction. An interest that has led to several innovations in various areas that facilitate and streamline everyday life in everything from property management to construction and contracting operations.

The product Lyftkroken was born from an idea to facilitate the handling of large sacks of firewood at home on the yard. Loading and unloading so-called big bags alone, in a safe and flexible way, was a challenge that required a solution that previously could not be found on the market. During the development of the first lifting device, Staffan realized that there were a number of other uses for his design, from moving gravel, stone and construction waste to handling loads of other materials.

In 2019, it was the start of a business that quickly gained many retailers and is now building for a future of creating safer lifts for machine operators and their workplaces throughout Europe with innovation and robust profitability.

Our culture

Lundmark Safety Technologies’ culture is about how we behave towards each other and the world around us. What values are the basis for our priorities and decisions and what is the basis for how we ultimately want to be perceived. Our values are:

Safe – We never compromise on safety
Curious – We listen and learn instead of guessing
Sustainable – We innovate today for a better tomorrow