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About the product

If you often handle big bags as a private person or as a machine operator, this is your best friend for safer and easier lifting!

You will notice that carrying wood, fodder, paver, soil, gravel, construction waste and other things will flow much more smoothly when you start using your kit with lifting hooks. The set of lifting hooks for fork tools consists of two different pairs of hooks. These are placed on the forks and screwed into any position without modification of the fork gear. This means that the big bag can be lifted and kept open to be filled with material more easily.

Safety hook

The lifting hook also has holes for mounting a shackle and safety hook.

If there is a need to lock the load additionally, it is possible to mount a shackle with a safety hook. This additional equipment can be purchased from the same dealer that sells the Lifting Hook. Just ask your local dealer for advice.

L 4000 with safety hook CE grey background


The load is well anchored on the lifting hooks and does not come loose during sudden movements. With our hooks, you can safely stand to the side during connection/disconnection.


The lifting hooks are CE-marked and approved for 1 600 kg and complies with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. For the lifting device Lyftkroken, the capacity is 1000 kg per hook and the total load capacity is 4000 kg. The product is Swedish-made and made of Swedish quality steel.

Smooth handling

The lifting hooks takes up little space when not in use and always accompanies the vehicle and is mounted easily and quickly. All four straps are then simply put onto the hooks and the lift can be carried out without any other unnecessary steps.

Facts Lyftkroken

Safer working enviroment
The bag is securely attached even during transport! If an unforeseen danger appears and the machine operator has to brake suddently, the big bag does not slide off the forks but is held by the lifting hooks. A big bag can weigh up to 1500 kg and the weight causes it to want to move forward during heavy braking.
No one has to stand in front of the loader to put on the lifting eyelets on the forks or run in and out of the loader if you are alone! When you have placed the forks with lifting hooks above the big bag, you can safely put on all the straps at once, from the side! Without the risk of being crushed or running over someone.

Less damage to bags & goods
The hooks also prevent the straps from breaking off when lifting as there are no sharp edges that could damage the lifting straps. A big bag can crack if it is not lifted correctly and the lifting hooks ensure that the weight is distributed and that the straps are lifted straight up according to the sack supplier’s recommendations.

Smooth handling
The lifting hooks are flexible and take up little space, so they are easier to store in the loader. Due to its simplicity to both assemble and carry in the machine, they will be used extensively and create a safer working environment.

Lifting capacity: 4 x 1 000 kg

Weight: 9.0 kg

Dimensions: length 27 cm, width 2 cm, height 7.5 cm.

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