About the product

If you operate a crane truck or a stationary construction crane and handle varying loads such as big bags and pallets, the x-lift XL-2500 will make handling easier for you.

When you don’t need it, you can quickly and easily disassemble it and store it in the packing box on the machine. The weight is only 25.2 kg, and with several handles to hold, you can handle the XL-2500 smoothly and easily. During lifting, the bag is not compressed, and the risk of damage to the bag – or the material in the bag – is greatly reduced.


The load is well anchored to the lifting yoke and does not come loose during sudden movements. It is also possible to mount external safety hooks for additional safety.


The XL-2500 is CE-marked and approved for 2,500 kg and complies with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG. The product is made in Sweden and constructed from Swedish quality steel.

Smooth handling

The XL-2500 takes up little space when not in use and is always carried in the vehicle. It is easily and quickly assembled. Then all four straps are easily threaded onto the hooks, and the lift can be performed without other unnecessary steps.

Facts XL-2500

The x-lift XL-2500 is designed for crane trucks and stationary construction cranes. It is rated for 2500 kg but weighs only 25.2 kg. The XL-2500 is easy and quick to assemble in 30 seconds, and when not in use, it takes up little space in a freight box under the flatbed.

The XL-2500 consists of three parts that are connected with two ring pins and two shackle pins, so you don’t need any tools to assemble or disassemble it.

Many grip-friendly handles make it easy to hang the hook on the crane. When lifting big bags, the straps and the bag are spared from the load as it is lifted straight up and evenly distributed across the four hooks. Pallets can also be lifted with the XL-2500; it is important to use four straps of equal length in each corner of the pallet. Pallet collars and goods are not compressed during lifting with the XL-2500.

Capacity: 2 500 kg

Weight: 25,2 kg

Measurements folded: length 156,0 cm, width 7,0 cm, height 28,5 cm.

Measurements mounted: length 156,0 cm, width 107,0 cm, height 28,5 cm.

Load test XL-2500